Hi, my new friends:

You are welcome to my new blog. The old one was attacked by hackers that destroyed years of work. I hope you will like this new one and we will built and improve it together step by step.

Originally planned as a communication tool with my tourists, it happened that it has much more possibilities, so, I invite you to “Explore it”.

You should first choose the language and then choose any of the files you wish to “Discover”.

Picture JCF with my handicap friend, offering me a little “Singer Cricket” *2 for my hat.

At the same time, I would like to ask you to share with us your experiences, knowledge, points of view, pictures, anything you want, to enrich it and create a dynamic community.

I would also like to ask you to keep a respectful behavior and a positive attitude.

Welcome, enjoy the Experience.

For disclosure reasons, there are not complete personal data or any other sensitive information. Writings, images, photos, videos and all blog content, are authored by me, and /or my family or my friends, with their respective authorization; so, I am praying you to not copy, download or resend those separately to anyone else, but, much better: please, resend them the links, so they could see and enjoy the whole raft. This way, you help me to give new life to the blog, and we respect the author rights. I also want to thank and recognize in the case, all those who let us take pictures in their properties, skipping their names and data for the same privacy reasons. Finally, if, for any reason someone don’t want a photo that is on the post, to be published, please let me know, to take it out.

Thank you very much.



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