Here we will deal with “Tourist Services”. For other services, please consult the Category: “Experts Opinions, Translations & Interpretations” Expertise in various disciplines, translations in English and French; and the category: “Realizations” you will find my projects and construction works.

In the “Turisteadas”, as I call them, it is all about giving you a “Personalized, a Custom Service”.

Every day, at all hours… by reservation and even improvised, why not? anything goes!


Personalized Tours “Tailor Made”.


“Customized” Private Tours: cultural, recreational, adventure, shopping, business, … To come to stay for a season or permanently…

Short description:

Personalized services, according with your expectations, interests and possibilities.

From a single person, a couple or a family, to traveling, school or working groups.

From Babies, to Seniors: travel and enjoy with your family and friends.


*Pictures JCF, and offered by Family F.

Schedule and costs, adapted to your circumstances.

You may ask for 3 wishes:

In “Fenicios, Viajes Mágicos” we are “Genius” to serve you!!!

Don’t be satisfied by watching photos, COME TO LIVE IT!!!

Dates: All year long, by reservation, whenever you want.

Destinations: Wherever you want to go. We’ll guide you.

Timing: Up to your program and time available.

Costs: Affordable, according to your custom program.

Set up your way, personally or your group.


Always ask for Official “SECTUR, Secretaría de Turismo” Certified Tour Guides, Actualized to your service date.

For disclosure reasons, there are not complete personal data or any other sensitive information. Writings, images, photos, videos and all blog content, are authored by me, and /or my family or my friends, with their respective authorization; so, I am praying you to not copy, download or resend those separately to anyone else, but, much better: please, resend them the links, so they could see and enjoy the whole raft. This way, you help me to give new life to the blog, and we respect the author rights. I also want to thank and recognize in the case, all those who let us take pictures in their properties, skipping their names and data for the same privacy reasons. Finally, if, for any reason someone don’t want a photo that is on the post, to be published, please let me know, to take it out.

Thank you very much.



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