Delicious Corn Cake

Delicious Corn Cake

Our Friends Richard & Paulette are, not only excellent travelers, and great photographers, but also magnificent cookers.

And they are so kind, that they share their secrets and recipes.

He wrote in Face:

“I refined my Iowa Sweet Corn Cake! More corn! And pureed half so the flavor is fully released into the batter. And of course my corn puree glaze on top!

I like the rustic look.”

I commented:

Jorge Curiel Flores

In México we love everything made out of corn! Best regards for you and

Paulette Varghese Altmaier

and for all your nice family.”

She added:

“It was fabulous!”

And of course, I wrote:

“Then, once again I ask for the recipe even if I haven’t finish with my blog.”

“Looks yummy!”

And I completed:

“looks great”

And Joe Altmaier Added:

“I can taste it from here! Beautiful”

And also Emily Miriam Armstrong Asked:

“Ooo! I need a recipe for that”

So, we both got his kind answer (see also at the bottom):

Rich Altmaier

Jorge Curiel Flores


Emily Miriam Armstrong

I posted my recipe:


Sweet Corn Cake Recipe on Food52

Sweet Corn Cake Recipe on Food52

So we said:

Jorge Curiel Flores

“Thank you very much

Rich Altmaier

nice week for all your family”

Emily Miriam Armstrong

“Thank you!”

And, here you have the link again:

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