Guadalajara and surroundings

There are several possibilities: we could do any you would like or choose; the idea is me to offer you a personalized tour, to accomplish your “Three Wishes”… one at a day!

It takes One day, I would say the first, The Guadalajara City and Tlaquepaque Tour: Guadalajara has a huge history, almost 5 centuries and lots of monuments, squares, gardens, churches and cultural or civic buildings to discover. Tlaquepaque is a very nice Colonial “Pueblo Mágico” (“Magic Town”), with magnificent architecture, arts and crafts town that used to be “near” Guadalajara, and now became part of the city metropolitan area. Gorgeous food and drink, with folklore dance and Mariachi music!

Another day could be Tonalá, and Chapala’s Lakeside. Tonalá is another Colonial Town for Arts and Crafts, where they know how to do anything you want: “Your imagination is the limit”… located in the exit way to the beautiful Chapala, the biggest natural lake in Mexico; that now thanks to a very good rainy season, in 2018, it is in the best situation after many years. Discover the Old Train Station, nice old towns to walk, enjoying the magnificent views of the lake and the mountains, watching the migration of “Borregones Pelicans” and the restaurants by the lakeside are a Must! Or would you like a ride in a little boat to the “Presidium Island” or to the “Scorpions Island”? And what to say about the sunsets, at “Chapala: The Little Corner of Love”?!

Another day could be, “The Tequila Route” and “Tequila Distilleries”, learning about the production and aging process, and having a degustation of  “Tequila”, the National Spirituous Drink; by crossing and discovering  the “Agave Landscape”, declared Human Heritage by UNESCO, and the view of The “Tequila Volcano”, the 3rd most important mine of obsidian in the world, and the 3rd Highest Mountain in the State: almost 10,000 feet above the sea level, with its famous “Tetilla”; having a delicious lunch – dinner in a Tequila Cave or in a terrace by the 1,800 feet deep Canyon of Santiago River. To end with gold clasp, visiting the “Tequila, Magic Town”

Another day could be, the “Guachimontones” Archaeological Site: the discovering that came to change all previous concepts archaeologist and historians had about the Mexican Pre-Columbian time in the West of Mexico. The visit of the “Interpretation” and “Cultural Centers”, as well as Obsidian Arts and Crafts Workshops, to appreciate watching the lapidary artisans working. As well as having the chance to buy jewelry and art crafts directedly from the productors.  And finally, by the “La Vega Lake”, nice view and excellent food and drink, lunch – Dinner, would you prefer Mariachi or Norteño music…?

There are much more possibilities in Guadalajara: if you like and enjoy nature: The Largest Latin-American Zoo, and, a natural Park, a Belvedere, called “Independencia, Miguel Hidalgo” both in the “Oblatos – Huentitán” Santiago River Canyon, the Hydraulic system Lerma – Chapala – Santiago. There is a nice aquarium and a fun park inside the Zoo Guadalajara. We could eat in a Mexican restaurant, a Terrace by the canyon side. Also, a very nice new Aquarium in another location, called “Michin”.

The Zapopan Basilic, in the Franciscan Convent, with a more than two centuries traditional Pilgrimage, “La llevada de la Virgen”, now declared “Human Heritage” by UNESCO and Zapopan nice old Downtown, or its super modern financial and commercial areas, now, all part of Guadalajara metropolitan area.

There is also a nice traditional natural park, called “Agua Azul”, (blue water), with lots of attractions: the lake is the origin of fresh water for the city; a live butterflies dome, a second one with live Birds and a third one with Orchids. Outside, a Paleontological museum, with a complete Gonfoterium recovered from Chapala’s Lake some 15 years ago. The Art and Crafts house, theater, flowers market and nearby is the “Lienzo Charro”: Caw Boys Rodeo stadium, the Mexican National Sport!

And of course, lots of different museums, auditoriums, theaters and cultural centers, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and traditional canteens, etc., with all kind of activities.

Without forgetting a Shopping day in the modern malls or typical traditional Markets, as “San Juan de Dios”, the largest covered Market in Latin America; and also going to the “Jewelry Centers” by “Plaza Tapatía”, as Guadalajara is the largest producer of jewelry in Latin America.

There are also other further away possibilities, but feasible in a one “little long” day: like going to the beach, to see the “Manglares” (mangroves), in a little boat by the river, watch live and free birds, turtles and crocodiles (don’t worry, completely safe) or big ones in a farm and a Zoo. Swim in a fresh natural source of water, then going to swim in the sea, in a bay like a swimming pool, and finally have delicious seafood by the beach, and come back!

Or going to do trekking by the second highest mountain in the state, more than 12,000 feet high, the Active “Volcano of Fire or Colima” (don’t worry we would be in the appropriate route and distance), with some chance, we could get to see a fumarole; and, after a degustation of “high altitude coffee” we will have lunch at the Magic town Comala.”

There are other two expeditions to the mountain towns in the center south of the State: “Tapalpa” and “Mazamitla”, called the “Mexican Switzerland” in the “Sierra del Tigre” (tiger mountains). Typical villages: stone streets, log cabins, water falls and adventure parcs.


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