Two beautiful sisters, from Melbourne Victoria, Australia, come again to Mexico, because they admire its treasures, but above all the kindness and smile of its people. And this time, they come to Guadalajara, Tequila, Tlaquepaque and Tonalá, for their handicrafts.


“It’s because of old friends, that I became a Tourist Guide, now, it’s because I am a Tourist Guide that we make new friends! As well as those that didn’t know each other become also friends between themselves!” JCF.

Dear Friends:

Usually I like to write a description of the “Post” and even, as far as possible, some notes for each one of the pictures on it.

Nevertheless, in the last months I have been quite busy.

As many of the friends had asked me to share those photos, I have decided to “Open” the “Posts”, even if they are not finished yet. They are missing many details, but at least we can see the pictures.

In some cases, it is missing to crop some, edit others, etc.

“Rome was not made in one day”.

So, I have decided to share them just as they are, from now on…

At least all of us can enjoy a nice souvenir…

We are dealing with a “Post under Construction”, where the “Construction” risk to take 75 years, as that of our nice “Expiatory” Church, or the “CHEPE” Train… Too bad.

We have to complete:

The Title: to be confirmed or modified…

Text to be written in here…

And comments as footers, to be added to each picture…

Contributions, comments and suggestions are welcome for all texts and footers.

And I would really appreciate those who would like to share their photos, to send them to me; I will be very glad to add them to the “Post”, giving the appropriate reconnaissance to the Author. So, the other friends could see them.

The saying goes: “The grace of imperfection is better than perfection without grace”, so here they are and we will be perfecting them.

Here they are:

Click the pictures to enlarge them and to advance to the next.

Also, Text for pictures to be written in here

“A great stay is a return guaranty”

It is written at the “Arches of Guadalajara” Monument, the City Doors, built to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of its foundation.

According to these pictures, the stage has been grateful so, we expect to see you again, and you to send your friends and family.

For disclosure reasons, there are not complete personal data or any other sensitive information. Writings, images, photos, videos and all blog content, are authored by me, and /or my family or my friends, with their respective authorization; so, I am praying you to not copy, download or resend those separately to anyone else, but, much better: please, resend them the links, so they could see and enjoy the whole raft. This way, you help me to give new life to the blog, and we respect the author rights. I also want to thank and recognize in the case, all those who let us take pictures in their properties, skipping their names and data for the same privacy reasons. Finally, if, for any reason someone don’t want a photo that is on the post, to be published, please let me know, to take it out.

Thank you very much.



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